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Mariela Rivera

Imágenes suspendidas en el corazón y la memoria

10:00 a 19:00 horas Galería de Fotografía
Septiembre 01 a Diciembre 10, 2023

Exhumar la memoria

Un proyecto de Francisco Medina Donoso

10:00 a 19:00 horas Acceso Poniente
Septiembre 12 a Diciembre 17, 2023

Cineteca Nacional de Chile

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Centro Cultural La Moneda and the The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage invite you to visit Familiar/Ominous, an exhibition of contemporary photography that brings together works by thirteen Chilean artists from different generations and trajectories.

 Under the curatorship of Rita Ferrer, the exhibition investigates photography and its double condition: everyday image to which we have access and, at the same time, to be a sophisticated gear of algorithms that dislocates our certainties of what is real. Today, we are familiarized with photography, but not with its technological developments and complex operations that transfer it to a very different disciplinary regime from its digital stage, which poses new challenges for both artists and viewers. 

The selected works seek to account for the expansive photographic field in which we live. For this reason, the works displayed, range from documental registry through the use of analogue and digital photography, set designs that exacerbates illusion, the use of photo editing programs, to ephemeral performative acts that use digital photography as a document. With this selection, the curator addresses issues related to anthropological, social, environmental and conceptual problems situated in our context and inherent to our contemporary times: territories in crisis, hybrid bodies, monuments in “mourning” work, urban civic scenes, among others. 

This is the first of two exhibitions that will display the new acquisitions that were acquired during the pandemic by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage through a national call for acquisition of works in 2020 and which are currently part of the repository of Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporaneo Cerrillos.

Participating artists

Nataniel Álvarez • Juvenal Barría • Jorge Brantmayer • Juan Castillo • Zaida González • Jorge Gronemeyer • Pablo Langlois • Luis Poirot • Celeste Rojas • Tatiana Sardá • Carola Sepúlveda • Paloma Villalobos • Ingrid Wildi.

About the curator

Rita Ferrer | She is a journalist, essayist, editor, teacher and author. She is currently associate professor at Escuela de Fotografia profesional of ARCOS and Escuela de Artes visuales UNIACC. Throughout her career, she has been linked to various projects and cultural institutions. Her production and cultural interventions are focused from a gender awareness and feminist culture.

As an author, she has published I, Photography (La Hetera editorial, 2002) and ¿Who is the author of this? Photography and performance (La Hetera/Ocholibros editorials, 2010). Her essays: “A year later. The Che of the Gays in Chile 100 approaches”, “Catastrophic wastes: (in the blink of an eye)” and “All against the lens” are part of the anthologies made by Sergio Mah



October 27, 2022 to February 2023
Tuesday to Sunday | 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Photography Gallery | Level -3
Free admission

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