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Centro Cultural La Moneda and the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage are pleased to invite you to the opening of Un mundo que se escurre bajo los pies, a contemporary photography exhibition that brings together works by 15 Chilean artists from different generations acquired by the Undersecretary of Cultures and Arts during the pandemic.

Rita Ferrer’s curatorship addresses image and imagination in a convulsive world, under a perspective of uncertainty and insecurity as generalized feelings of an era. The exhibited works compose a mosaic of images where native flora, scenes of everyday life, hidden meeting places: surroundings and rooftops or people “without a roof” emerge; scenes of a Chile from the past that show the precariousness development and labor of those years; vestiges of cultures and constructions that allude to a time that is reminisced with nostalgia; the imminence of radical changes in the urban and natural landscape; the extinction of neighborhoods and their replacement with immense cement masses and more.

Participating artists

Diego Argote – Eduardo Asenjo – Gimena Castellón – Alexis Díaz – Danilo Espinoza – Rocío Hormazábal – Manuel La Rosa – Isabel Núñez Urra – Alejandro Olivares – Manuel Ormazábal – José Pemjean – Joaquín Rodríguez – Patricio Salinas – Cristóbal Traslaviña – Leonora Vicuña.

About the curator

Rita Ferrer is a journalist, essayist, editor, teacher and author. She is currently an associate professor at the School of Professional Photography at ARCOS and the School of Visual Arts at UNIACC. She has been linked to various projects and cultural institutions during her career. Ferrer is known to approach her production and cultural interventions from a gender consciousness and feminist culture perspective.

As an author, she has published Yo, Fotografía (Ediciones de La Hetera, 2002) and ¿Quién es el autor de esto? Fotografía y performance (La Hetera/Ocholibros, 2010). Her essays: “Un año después. El Ché de los Gays en Chile 100 miradas”, “Residuos catastróficos: (en un abrir y cerrar de ojos)” and “Todos contra el lente” are part of the anthologies by Sergio Mah and Gerardo Mosquera of the 2010, 2011 and 2012 editions of PhotoEspaña, one of the most important international photographic festivals (Editorial La Fábrica).


March 24 to August 6, 2023
Tuesday to Sunday | 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Photography Gallery | Level -3
Free access

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