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The Infinite Suitcase

By Francisca Yáñez
Galería Cero: A New Space for Children at Centro Cultural La Moneda

Galería Cero is the first exhibition room for children from 0 to 8 years old. Taking into account the deep impact first experiences have in children’s learning and development, the objective of this new art gallery is to create a space in which girls and boys can experience a first aesthetic experience closely, that allows them to build bonds with art and culture, starting from an early age.

Early childhood is a privileged time, in which girls and boys experience fast and profound changes, since they go from an elemental stage of survival, to a stage of a wide range of potentialities, in which physical, emotional, mental, cognitive, and social abilities are assimilated by them.

With a museographic design that adapts to the needs of an young age audience, the 130-meter square space will have enough capacity to receive groups of girls and boys along with their companions, and will count with special bathrooms and accesses, as well as a parking space for strollers.

Galería Cero is an exhibition space specially designed to promote the creation of bonds between girls, boys and their families, who will be able to experience works of art accompanied by specialized mediators, in a way in which cultural centres or traditional museums are not used to. Thus, the interaction of children with new concepts and materials is meant to enable the incorporation of new ways of learning and creating.

The Infinite Suitcase

Galería Cero will open its doors with “The Infinite Suitcase” exhibition, by Francisca Yáñez. The Chilean visual artist and illustrator creates an installation with paper figure cut-outs, drawings and rag dolls, among other materials, with which she builds scenes that evoke concepts related to human displacements, the welcoming and home.

The exhibition presents small, everyday situations created with paper figure cut-outs such as birds, winged men and women, that make reference to people in transit, but who are also found sheltered and welcomed. According to the artist, the exhibition intends for girls and boys to “discover the different layers of the exhibition, weaving image and text, and inquire into new ways of knowledge, moving through objects”, in the same way as they immerse themselves into the pages of a book.


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Galería Cero | Level -1



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