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Será el Paraíso

Ruinas, pedacerías y sobrevivencias del mundo rural y las economías cooperativas en Magallanes (1940-2021)

10:00 a 18:30 horas Galería de Patrimonio

Cineteca Nacional de Chile

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Meli Newen – Four Forces, is a project that intertwines more than 1,000 creations of 212 weavers from the Araucanía Region and the Tirúa township, who through a process of creation, based on the witral, natural fibbers and plant based dyes, give...


Ernesto Neto
Blow is a retrospective with more than 80 works done by the distinguished Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto (Rio de Janeiro, 1964), which are displayed in the two large rooms and in the main hall of CCLM with a playful and participatory journey through p...

Wonderful Things

Season 2021
“Wonderful Things: Season 2021” is the result of a research process on the lives of things. The focus was on the practices of daily resistance that are deployed in them, which allow us to overcome the obsolescence of objects of daily con...


Inspired by the concept of “photographic commission”, the exhibition “Ñuble. Portraits of the Region” is the result of the commission to five authors to portray this territory from their respective points of view. Curated by ...

Expanded Nature

To visualize the invisible
Starting from the premise that nature is in constant change and in close relationship with human beings, “Expanded Nature: to visualize the invisible”, the new exhibition at the CCLM Heritage Gallery, seeks to reinforce a deeper and more ...

Chilean house

Domestic images
The exhibition combines photographs, videos, real and scale-sized models, paintings and press clippings, among other varied objects, which invite to take a deep look into this country’s different manifestations of a house. A house is a cultural obj...


Influence on Chilean design
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Quinchamalium Chilense

Josefina Guilisasti
Quinchamalium Chilense is an installation resulting from the collaborative work between the artist Josefina Guilisasti and a group of artists who represent the ancient pottery traditions from Quinchamalí, which is currently nominated to be honored a...

(Not) Soft Cities

Leonardo Portus
The new exhibition of the Photography Gallery at Centro Cultural La Moneda combines a retrospective of Portus’ previous works; Will this be my house when I leave? And Utopia Station, with new productions, in which Portus photographs waste materials...

Six Scandinavian Design Masters

Leaded by Hernán Garfias
A selection of furniture, objects, textiles, lamps and graphics from six Scandinavian designers make up Six Scandinavian Design Masters, the new exhibition at Centro Cultural La Moneda’s Design Gallery. The curatorship, leaded by Hernán Garfias, e...

Contemporary Art Exhibition:
Asia, Australia and the Pacific

Selection of the Queensland Asia Pacific
Triennial Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art
Surveying cultures present in the territories beyond the geopolitical boundaries of each country, looking at other ways of life, and breaking down the borders between contemporary art, crafts, heritage and current artistic expressions of indigenous p...

The Infinite Suitcase

By Francisca Yáñez
Galería Cero: A New Space for Children at Centro Cultural La Moneda Galería Cero is the first exhibition room for children from 0 to 8 years old. Taking into account the deep impact first experiences have in children’s learning and development, t...
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